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Elderhood locations are designed to be beautiful, intimate, and comfortable.

Elderhood PLus

Elderhood Flagship

We hire world class designers to create custom flagships that are as cozy, inviting, and as distinctive as our own homes. This attention to our environment is on display at our first flagship in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm

Location: 123 Mason Street, Greenwich, CT

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Elderhood PLus

Elderhood At-Home

Elderhood can also be joined in a fellow member’s home, providing a warm vibe with the same blend of socialization and enriching activities led by a vetted and trained facilitator. These homes serve as a consistent base for care – designed to be visited several times a week and offer familiarity, consistency, and security.

Location: Rowayton, CT

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Elderhood provides reliable, in-home support that is also social and enriching. Provide your home as an Elderhood At-Home location and we’ll match you with a group and trained and vetted facilitator. Perfect for members who want to enjoy Elderhood programming without leaving home.
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Where is Elderhood located?

Our flagship is located at 123 Mason Street in downtown Greenwich, Connecticut. Elderhood is also available through At-home locations in the tristate area and will be expanding to additional locations soon. 

View our locations here.

What are your days and hours of operation?

Elderhood Greenwich operates Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm.

Elderhood At-Home hours of operations vary by location.

What is Elderhood At-Home?

Elderhood At-Home is a new kind of shared, in-home care. It combines the socialization of a country club, with the support of an adult day center. Our At-Home groups are made up of just 5-8 Members who are carefully matched based on their interests and supervised by a vetted and trained facilitator who can tailor programming to their individual needs. Groups meet weekly at the home of a local member for half or full-day sessions.

Elderhood At-Home is a great fit for Members who live farther away from our flagship or who prefer a more intimate and personalized experience.

Where are Elderhood At-Home locations?

Elderhood At-Home is offered in the tristate area and will be expanding to additional locations soon. View our locations here.

If you are interested in joining or hosting an Elderhood At-Home group, contact us at (475) 255-6009 or hello@myelderhood.com.

What are the days and hours of Elderhood At-Home locations?

Elderhood At-home locations offer half or full day sessions. Operating hours vary by location.  

For more information, contact us at (475) 255-6009 or hello@myelderhood.com.

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